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    How Cesar Santos Figured Out How To Be Somebody

    How Cesar Santos Figured Out How To Be Somebody


    My journey to create has been a wild one. I've hit my head plenty of times.  Not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  It's difficult to find an answer when your stuck in your head.  Constantly thinking of your problems. But I've found something. Something all of us have the ability to find. You just need to ask the right questions. 

    The question of how to be somebody is no easy task to answer. I’ve seen many interpretations in my life but none are quite like my TRUTH. Everyone has a story to tell. And someone’s truth is often best to be heard and seen in their perspective.

    Like you I’ve failed a lot in life. But out of all that failure come some of the best inspirational videos one can create. I used to watch hours and hours of the best motivational videos on YouTube. None of them are quite like this. The reason for that is because this video is my story. The start of a great journey always starts with a simple question. Who do you want to be?


    Player Highlight: Jahmani Swanson

    Player Highlight: Jahmani Swanson

    He is 4 ft. and 5 in. tall. He is better than many NBA players! Jahmani believes one day he will dunk! Many with his stature may completely write off any possibility of greatness. Not Jahmani. He embodies what we stand for in the Wake up and win culture. There are no excuses in his work ethic. There is no slump in his attitude. Many of the top NBA players agree that he is truly talented like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.  If you take a look at some of the criticism that he receives in the comment section of his viral videos then you will see how people simply point out the obvious.” He would get blocked all day”, “Lets see how he is on the regular not his highlights then we can judge him”, “He is too short”.

    Even though many detractors will point these items out; there is something noticeable about Jahmani and that is his attitude towards the game. Some may see it as egotistical, but his approach is necessary to compete at a high level ! There is another clear trait about Jahmani that comes out in his videos. That is his work ethic. The guy knows how to dribble, can shoot from 3 land, and he can cross guys up! It is really exciting to watch. He didn’t accidentally stumble on these talents, he worked for them. The effort you put into anything always comes out in the final product, and you can tell Jahmani put in the effort.

    What if some of the guys who have the natural gifts that Jahmani doesn’t have such as height, trained as hard as he does? This question is what a lot of the young people need to ask themselves. Sometimes we waste our talents by being lazy or too afraid of criticism. This can be said for anyone starting a business, going to school, or any other endeavor. So maybe we can all learn from Jahmani’s attitude and do the best we can with what we have!