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    We are excited and humbled to have Gold Medal paralympian Matt Scott as the newest brand ambassador for Revive Brand Co!

    Allow me to begin this post by making a CLEAR DISTINCTION. This is important because we know how posts like this normally work, right? This is the formula. By holding up a paralympian, I explain to you why your excuses are not good enough. Then my job is to contrast Matt’s incredible achievements with his circumstances as a disabled person. The result is a reader who is astounded by the story of Matt. That is not this story. That is not what why Matt is the centerpiece of this post OR our brand ambassador for that matter. 

    Yes. his accomplishments are amazing but sometimes hearing stories like this has the opposite intended effect on the reader.  Instead of motivating someone to get up and work harder – it can make readers feel discouraged. Then the reader may say to him/herself “I could never do that”. The discouragement comes from a disconnect that happens when a full picture is not presented on why Matt is so successful and fulfilled. I will attempt to paint that picture for you by displaying his MENTALITY!

    I can first do this by letting you read his own words about his story. My interview with him is below.

    Where did you grow up?

    ~ I grew up in Detroit, Michigan where I was born and raised.

    How did you get into basketball?

    ~Basketball was my first love. Growing up I was always a huge fan which led me to begin playing myself. I started by just dribbling a ball around my neighborhood and quickly found a group of friends that shared my enthusiasm to play. I played a lot of "street ball" and pickup games with my able bodied friends before I discovered wheelchair basketball.

    How does it feel to be a paralympian?

    ~Representing your country is the ultimate honor and privilege for any athlete. Being a Paralympian means the world to me. I truly love this game, and I truly love this country. So it's the best of both worlds.

    Where do you compete? Countries you travel to etc.

    ~ I currently play professionally in Europe and finishing up my 2nd season with a team based in Sardinia, Italy. I have played professionally since 2008 in multiple countries. Wheelchair basketball has allowed me to travel all over the world. I have competed in the last 4 Paralympics (Athens, Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro) but have also traveled all over Europe, Asia, Australia, and America for competitions.

    Have you earned any medals before?

    ~ 2016 Paralympic Gold Medalist!!

    Biggest misconception about paralympians you want to dispel?

    ~ I don't believe that it is common knowledge the amount of hard work, dedication and discipline it takes to become a Paralympic Gold Medalist. The hours of intense training are parallel to our Olympic counterparts.

    So you can see in this brief interview that Matt embodies the “Wake up and Win” Mentality. He looks past his own disability and focuses on one thing. WINNING! He has totally fallen in love with basketball. This love drives him to work as hard as he does. Now it is clear to see why he is a Gold Medalist! Matt has a positive attitude and a competitive spirit.

    So this post is not about "finger wagging" or pressuring you to just work really hard.  My goal is to offer Matt’s story as a source of inspiration. This is an invitation to find what makes you fulfilled and happy. By following Matt’s blueprint you will be able to look past your own circumstances and focus your attention on what matters most. That is TO WIN!

    #Wakeupandwin  Every. Single. Day.

    Yes. Granny Can HOOP!

    Yes. Granny Can HOOP!

    These women are not going to be knitting your kids booties any time soon! Well, maybe after the game. Introducing, the National Senior Women’s Basketball League!  This league consists of women 40+ who love the game of basketball. These women are not going to be told they can’t compete. Currently, there are teams and tournaments being held all over the country. The league is split up by age there is even a 80+ group that plays for the championship!  

    If you think about it - a team sport like basketball is the perfect way to stay active for seniors. The healing process takes longer as we age, but exercise can help. Active adults have wounds that heal as much as 25 percent faster than those who do not exercise. Beginning an exercise program now, before an incident occurs, may allow your aging loved one to benefit from improved healing and a faster recovery after an injury or surgical procedure. It has also been proven that social activity is crucial to the mental health of seniors. This helps reduce or reverse negative affects like memory loss and depression.

    So, basketball is both a very active and very social sport! It involves both physical activity and social interaction. These women are not as fragile as one might assume. It may be a great idea to have a senior citizen you know enter this league. Or, at least encourage them to do it at their local gym or senior centers. I guess it is true what they say. “AGE AINT NOTHIN BUT A NUMBER”!


    Wake up and WIN!


    Photo cred: NPR

    Girls Youth Basketball Las Vegas

    Girls Youth Basketball Las Vegas

    We at Revive Brand Co. are very proud to announce that we are the official sponsors of the Las Vegas Girls Youth Basketball League!  There is much to be celebrated about this league. It sends a strong message to young girls. You can play too! This is their mission, as taken directly from their website: empower and inspire girls to grow physically and mentally as we enlighten them to realize their full potential both on and off the court. This is very important for many reasons.  According to the womens' sports foundation there are 1.3 million less opportunities for young girls to play organized sports then young boys. The problem with this is girls are missing out on the key life tools that sports gives like Team work, Dedication etc. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to support this positive movement.


    Revive and GYB share the same home city Las Vegas!  This is spectacular since we are able to build relationships with the girls involved. We are also hoping to work with the Women’s Basketball League in Las Vegas as well. The motto of GYB is #playlikeagirl . They take the old trope “play like a girl” and change the meaning from a negative one to a positive one! We are very happy to be apart of this movement. Hope to see many more girls involved in sports in the years to come!


    Player Highlight: Jahmani Swanson

    Player Highlight: Jahmani Swanson

    He is 4 ft. and 5 in. tall. He is better than many NBA players! Jahmani believes one day he will dunk! Many with his stature may completely write off any possibility of greatness. Not Jahmani. He embodies what we stand for in the Wake up and win culture. There are no excuses in his work ethic. There is no slump in his attitude. Many of the top NBA players agree that he is truly talented like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.  If you take a look at some of the criticism that he receives in the comment section of his viral videos then you will see how people simply point out the obvious.” He would get blocked all day”, “Lets see how he is on the regular not his highlights then we can judge him”, “He is too short”.

    Even though many detractors will point these items out; there is something noticeable about Jahmani and that is his attitude towards the game. Some may see it as egotistical, but his approach is necessary to compete at a high level ! There is another clear trait about Jahmani that comes out in his videos. That is his work ethic. The guy knows how to dribble, can shoot from 3 land, and he can cross guys up! It is really exciting to watch. He didn’t accidentally stumble on these talents, he worked for them. The effort you put into anything always comes out in the final product, and you can tell Jahmani put in the effort.

    What if some of the guys who have the natural gifts that Jahmani doesn’t have such as height, trained as hard as he does? This question is what a lot of the young people need to ask themselves. Sometimes we waste our talents by being lazy or too afraid of criticism. This can be said for anyone starting a business, going to school, or any other endeavor. So maybe we can all learn from Jahmani’s attitude and do the best we can with what we have!