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    Our Story:

    In 2011 three guys from Las Vegas learned how to sew bags and accessories. We did it out of our garage in a small house in East Las Vegas. It took sacrificing everything to learn how to make products, then make a company and finally, make an impact.

    Since we started this brand we heard the same thing over and over. “If you guys want to be successful, then you have to get a celebrity to support you”. After spinning our wheels, we discovered our customers and the people in our communities are the celebrities!

    Revive celebrates the ones who are on the come up, stick it out, and bounce back. No matter the level of success. This mentality defines the owners and our brand and it represents what it means to #wakeupandwin. Our goal is to spread this message everyday, through our company and our products.

    Mission: Use innovative products as a tool to positively impact our customers and their communities.

    Vision: Invite everyone we meet to discover the competitor in themselves.


    1. Commitment to excellence
    2. Confidence
    3. Charity
    4. Young at heart